Flying away

Well, not flying. Yet anyways. I still hate planes!! And occasionally LOVE Dunedin. Especially the beaches. I am taking a year off teaching next year. I am excited, terrified, elated, anxious, cautious and curious all at the same time. I’m going to have a break, do some contract work (I’ve got the paper work butContinue reading “Flying away”

Feedback is like echolocation, and I’m a little bit lost without it

My ‘inquiry’ focus for this year ‘is’ around making sure I’m giving the best feedback to students I can. I had made a start in this post ¬†around how I could use the data collected from Microsoft forms better, and make sure it was usable to the students. I have some draft posts about insightsContinue reading “Feedback is like echolocation, and I’m a little bit lost without it”

I can’t find it…… how can we support students AND teachers to navigate online environments??

Like many, I’ve been thrown in the deep end of distance learning as NZ has been in various stages of lockdown. Because of interest, and a good skill set, and a bank of digital resources, I was ok about the shift. (Really missing practicals though). Most of my classes have used the platform (we areContinue reading “I can’t find it…… how can we support students AND teachers to navigate online environments??”

Reflections from PPTA ICT committee meeting May 1

The PPTA ICT committee had an extra meeting in May, to review how online learning is working for different regions, and to offer some opinions and ideas to exec who are continuing to meet with various official parties such as NZQA and the ministry. As usual, these are my thoughts and interpretations, I’m happy toContinue reading “Reflections from PPTA ICT committee meeting May 1”

Reflection from PPTA ICT meeting April 2

We are sure living through interesting time. I hope everyone is as safe and as happy as they can be in their various bubbles around the place. And you are enjoying school holidays – what ever that looks like for you. This morning I attended via zoom the PPTA ICT committee meeting. These are moreContinue reading “Reflection from PPTA ICT meeting April 2”

Giving feedback/feedforward: Upping my game with Microsoft forms

A focus for me this year (and really every year!!) is around getting useful information on where my students are at, and making sure the feedback is useable, useful AND not lost. I have tried various methods for this in the past, and one of the best methods I have found is taking an imageContinue reading “Giving feedback/feedforward: Upping my game with Microsoft forms”

Giving Yr 9 digitech a go

This year I have been tasked with teaching Yr 9 digitech. Which has been a real challenge, but hopefully I’ve now got a handle on what we are doing. I have leaned really heavily on the AMAZING Gamefroot resource at that Dan Milward and Gerard Macmanus put together, it was a real life saverContinue reading “Giving Yr 9 digitech a go”

Reflections from ICT PPTA meeting November 2019.

Last week I was up in Wellington for the PPTA ICT committee meeting. It was quite a busy meeting, with a LOT of discussion around equity, in terms of access to devices, access to support, some issue with PLD, and digital assessment. There was then a run down of the progress being made by theContinue reading “Reflections from ICT PPTA meeting November 2019.”

Microbit ‘Monsters’

This is the second year that Kevin and I have co-taught a yr 7 digital technology course, which runs for about 24 lessons on a rotation. (You can find previous reflections on this course (the first one is from this year when we introduced a greater focus on the technology curriculum¬†here, here and here). WeContinue reading “Microbit ‘Monsters’”

Recording learning – how do I get this right?

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about how I/we/the system records learning. My thinking on this has been challenged a few times, and was kicked into gear way back in 2015 when I saw an amazing learning conversation around a thermos flask take place, that these students couldn’t write down but could explain very clearly,Continue reading “Recording learning – how do I get this right?”