Two months in..

Hiya. Thanks for stopping by, I’ve been quiet on this front lately. It has been an awesome and crazy couple of months to kick start my years leave of absence. I have been in lots of schools, done my first set of labs at the uni and I am behind on my own uni paper!!Continue reading “Two months in..”

Having a play with Jamboard

In preparation for next year when I am having a years leave and doing some contracting, I meet with Anthony from Cyclone who is one of the fabulous humans I will be working with in my various contracting roles. We had a great catch up about many things, including some areas I need to upskillContinue reading “Having a play with Jamboard”

Reflections from PPTA ICT committee meeting May 1

The PPTA ICT committee had an extra meeting in May, to review how online learning is working for different regions, and to offer some opinions and ideas to exec who are continuing to meet with various official parties such as NZQA and the ministry. As usual, these are my thoughts and interpretations, I’m happy toContinue reading “Reflections from PPTA ICT committee meeting May 1”

Reflection from PPTA ICT meeting April 2

We are sure living through interesting time. I hope everyone is as safe and as happy as they can be in their various bubbles around the place. And you are enjoying school holidays – what ever that looks like for you. This morning I attended via zoom the PPTA ICT committee meeting. These are moreContinue reading “Reflection from PPTA ICT meeting April 2”

How do I care but not care…. and trying to find a way through.

For the past two year, I have co-taught a yr 7 digitech module. The first year we (wrongly) based it around the progress outcomes for the new New Zealand digitech curriculum. Last we  were ‘encouraged’ to teach the technology standards (posts HERE and HERE) during the module. When it came time for the 2020 timetabling,Continue reading “How do I care but not care…. and trying to find a way through.”

Reflections from the PPTA ICT committee June 2019

Once again this post has taken some time to get to sorry – Life is just a bit busy at the moment. But Friday a week ago I went up to Wellington for the day for the PPTA ICT committee meeting. As usual, this post comes with a disclaimer that these points are my interpretationContinue reading “Reflections from the PPTA ICT committee June 2019”

On burnout, moral injury, tiredness and I’m not sure……

Today is the middle Tuesday of the 2 weeks easter break. Today was a fabulous autumnal day filled with holidays chores like getting a hair cut, chimney sweeps, gardening etc. And marking. And then some-one popped round which was a very welcome distraction from marking. I was talking to them about how I had feltContinue reading “On burnout, moral injury, tiredness and I’m not sure……”