I am Rachel Chisnall – I used to be Rachel Wilson. I grew up in ChCh, went to a small catholic school, then Lincoln High and then Hagley for 7th form. Then I came to Dunedin for uni, and haven’t left. I have a masters degree in Microbiology and Immunology (I think vaccines are super) and worked for a year before I realised I really missed all the teaching I did while I was doing postgrad, and so went to Tcol

I am a Mum to Ollie (a 7 year old delicious young man with the most amazing smile who is growing far to rapidly for my liking), a wife to Al (who is selectively deaf during sports news) and a feeder of Gatsby the cat. These 3 boys are very important in my life.

I started teaching at St Hilda’s Collegiate School (an Apple distinguished school using a google paltform) in Dunedin, teaching mostly Science and Chem, but also maths and PE(!). I then moved to Taieri College (using a microsoft platform) to have a go at teaching co-ed. I taught Science, Chem, and junior digitech.

For 2021 I’m venturing out of the classroom. I am an MoE accredited facilitator who will be doing some contracting PLD work. I am also hoping to fit in some study and maybe some cricket games. I am the NZ ambassador for the climate action project. I am an Microsoft innovative educator expert, a MinecraftEDU mentor, on my way to becoming a google certified educator, and generally I like mucking around with things until I find solutions for me, my colleagues and my students.

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