Two very little organisation tips that made my life WAY easier

As part of my contracting work this year, I have been upskilling myself in the google suite of apps for education. It still feels like I am speaking in a second language at times, as I am so much more familiar with the Office 365/Microsoft softwares. One of my biggest challenges was working across differentContinue reading “Two very little organisation tips that made my life WAY easier”

Two months in..

Hiya. Thanks for stopping by, I’ve been quiet on this front lately. It has been an awesome and crazy couple of months to kick start my years leave of absence. I have been in lots of schools, done my first set of labs at the uni and I am behind on my own uni paper!!Continue reading “Two months in..”


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Kia ora. Ko Rachel Chisnall toku ingoa (I am Rachel Chisnall). Welcome to my blog posts about teaching and learning, techie stuff and less techie stuff. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and have a great day

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