Making videos – getting braver but still not brave enough

So, a friend is going great guns with show me, a very cool app, that is for ipad. Which means it is of no use to me. But I had a play with powerpoint, and it turns out it is pretty simple to make a pretty good wee video using power point, and whats more,Continue reading “Making videos – getting braver but still not brave enough”

End of term – where did it go? Oh that’s right, reports.

So, I am a bit embarassed that I didn’t blog for over a month. But things just got crazy there for a while. This term seemed to be all about reports. I hate reports. I don’t mind writing comments – I spend time on them and do my best to make them individual and specific.Continue reading “End of term – where did it go? Oh that’s right, reports.”

I still learned about friction Miss.

This week I have been pulled in all sorts of directions, and it has showed in my classes today. I wasn’t quite prepared, things didn’t go according to plan, I forgot that 23 of my year 12’s were out on a field trip so I only had 5, I didn’t have the equipment I neededContinue reading “I still learned about friction Miss.”