Making videos – getting braver but still not brave enough

So, a friend is going great guns with show me, a very cool app, that is for ipad.

Which means it is of no use to me.

But I had a play with powerpoint, and it turns out it is pretty simple to make a pretty good wee video using power point, and whats more, for a nervous beginner, it shows the next screen while you are doing your voice over (Can’t help but think of Nicholas Cage in Adaptation whenever I think of the term voice over) so you know where you are going.

I am getting round the lack of flexibilty with the power point slide set up by using photos uploaded, it is a bit thunderbirds are go stop and starty, but I like it better than say a Khan academy tutorial where you need to wait for the writing.

So I am setting myself a goal to get some key learning ideas into simple videos using powerpoint (unless someone can give me a better example of an app to use) each week till I get a good library of them. And hopefully they help my students (and maybe others) get set for their exams.

I will have to post some here too, and put myself out there…

In other news, #scichatNZ is going great guns, and the level of discussion and passion continues to amaze me. As does the amazing efforts of @mattynicoll and @ChhayaNarayan to keep coming up with great ideas and put in some time and thought.

And I am both excited and intimidated to be going to ULearn – so many amazing people, and awesome sounding breackouts….. and such a huge dinner.

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