End of term – where did it go? Oh that’s right, reports.

So, I am a bit embarassed that I didn’t blog for over a month. But things just got crazy there for a while.

This term seemed to be all about reports. I hate reports. I don’t mind writing comments – I spend time on them and do my best to make them individual and specific. I even got a complement at parent teacher interviews – which made my night. But I hate the ridiculous process required.
It started with Musac – I had not used Musac for reports since my first round, and my goodness I found it awful. Really hard to put marks in the correct column, and jerky and stilted to boot. Then when it came time to writing comments, there is no other information available on the screen – just the little grey box. Control N was a nice feature but the automatic space after it meant lots of double spaces for me, it is just habit to push the space bar. And then the size of the box doesn’t match the size of the box for the comments – so I had to reprint a whole lot of reports for going over the line.
And then proof reading for my form class was a nightmare too – having to send reports back for a tiny little error – many trees were sacrificed in the printing of my classes reports.
Next time will be better – I will know the shortcuts, the expectations (who new focussed had to be spelt with one s!) and I will just be more onto it.

I have made some progress with 365, but still have a long way to go. My dept is starting to use docs in the cloud, and hopefully we can use this as an example to get others to follow suit.

And I am still loving twitter – and am very excited for scicon starting on Sunday. I am doing a presentation to try and encourages other to use twitter and the resources available through it like the science learning hub.

And I have started a blog for my 12 chem class – following in the footsteps of Matt Nicol – so far it is proving much less work than I thought. Now just to get the students using it regularly.

On the hack your class front – I went of the boil in a big way – but week 2 of the holidays I am really hoping to put some of the resources into use as I plan out term 3.

Have fun all


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