Playing around with dry ice

Last week was the week before senior exams. My L1 class had just finished an internal the week before, as had my L2. I felt assessmented out before assessment week had even begun. Luckily, my year 10’s have been doing good old acids and bases. A big part of how I deliver this unit isContinue reading “Playing around with dry ice”

BioliveChemEd reflections

Last week I was in Wellington for BioliveChemED. And it was rad. Amazingly awesome – although I was really tired going in so I did struggle a little with the motivation aspect. I started writing this post wanting to think about my highlights. But reading through my notes, there were so many good sessions andContinue reading “BioliveChemEd reflections”

#TeachmeetNZ meets Science – Awesome happened

A couple of weeks ago I get an e-mail from Cath at the Science learning hub asking me if I wanted to be involved in a Science #teachmeetNZ. I hadn’t participated in an online teachmeet before, but was keen to help out in anyway I could, and I love working with Cath, so of courseContinue reading “#TeachmeetNZ meets Science – Awesome happened”