#teachmeetNZ – International year of Light

So, readers of this blog will now I am a massive fan of #teachmeet, especially #teachmeetNZ. The recent International year of light session was no exception – quality presentations from passionate, energetic educators who are willing to try, play, fail and share. The big take home messages for me from this session was to haveContinue reading “#teachmeetNZ – International year of Light”

TeachmeetNZ CENZ15

I LOVE teachmeets. They are FREE, have real teachers sharing real stories, are short, they share resources and they are recorded so even if you can’t make it, ¬†you can watch and learn later. So teachmeets, along with educamps and twitter chats rate super highly amongst my professional learning favourites. Which is why when SonyaContinue reading “TeachmeetNZ CENZ15”

Presenting to #teachmeetNZ – Being Brave

A big part of my focus after attending the E2 educator exchange was being courageous and brave. I blogged about this in an earlier post that you can read here. So when I spotted an opening to present at #teachmeetNZ I jumped in. I was going to talk about building collaboration when the ever amazingContinue reading “Presenting to #teachmeetNZ – Being Brave”

#TeachmeetNZ meets Science – Awesome happened

A couple of weeks ago I get an e-mail from Cath at the Science learning hub asking me if I wanted to be involved in a Science #teachmeetNZ. I hadn’t participated in an online teachmeet before, but was keen to help out in anyway I could, and I love working with Cath, so of courseContinue reading “#TeachmeetNZ meets Science – Awesome happened”