Making holograms – Molecular shapes

Watching Hack the Classroom on Sunday, I saw ‘a hack’ on how to make hologram videos. The hack was by Tomas Milicka, and he used a combination of office paint and powerpoint to make his own (or to get his students to make their own) hologram videos. I didn’t quite see the potential at first,Continue reading “Making holograms – Molecular shapes”

Using Microsoft Office Mix

It is nearing NCEA exam time in my world. And so I have been busy making exam question walk through using Microsoft Office Mix and the snip tool on my surface pro 4. Office Mix is a super handy add in for powerpoint that lets you make video tutorials with ease. The surface stylus just makes writingContinue reading “Using Microsoft Office Mix”

Getting my code on at #kiwipycon

This morning I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a session at the Pycon conference being held in Dunedin. I have been playing around with coding for a little while without ever really getting a grasp on it, and thought this would be a great opportunity to spend some time on it.Continue reading “Getting my code on at #kiwipycon”

Taking a deep breath…

On Friday I went to a TENZ mini conference hosted at Tahuna intermediate. I had meet Bill at the 21 st century learning design session in the last holidays, and was honoured (and flattered) to be asked to open the conference by talking about strategies for implementing change in Education. And while I could onlyContinue reading “Taking a deep breath…”

Searching through folders – Sharepoint continued

We have continued to make some excellent progress on the SharePoint front, with several departments having got a wide variety of pages, subsites, document libraries and resources available for their staff to use. We are on track to have SharePoint as out learning management system for next year. As the staff have gotten more confident they haveContinue reading “Searching through folders – Sharepoint continued”

Small things making me ridiculously happy – MonkeyJam Stop motion Polymers video

Today is the last day of term. I am shattered So as a nice easy option, I did polymers with my Yr 13 chem class using Molymods to make the molecules up. Really, I was just wanting them to physically see where the water molecules come off, and how you can easily form long chainsContinue reading “Small things making me ridiculously happy – MonkeyJam Stop motion Polymers video”