Small things making me ridiculously happy – MonkeyJam Stop motion Polymers video

Today is the last day of term. I am shattered

So as a nice easy option, I did polymers with my Yr 13 chem class using Molymods to make the molecules up. Really, I was just wanting them to physically see where the water molecules come off, and how you can easily form long chains and the side chains don’t matter

To try and inspire my super tired self, I took some photos and thought I would pop them into monkeyJam to make a stop motion movie. I had heard about MonkeyJam on a web forum between some drama teachers and it was free and pretty easy to use, so I gave it a shot.

And it was ridiculously easy. My movie is way to short, and next time I can think of heaps more things we could add. But is added some excitement to a day and lesson that had real potential to drag, my yr 13’s bought into it quite well

I recommend you give it a go – simple, fun, and hopefully a record so the students still remember after the holidays

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