Sharepoint update – interactive unit plans

This year the Science department took a leap of faith and started using Sharepoint to store thier files and organise things. Along with Technology, Science really are leading the school in their use of Sharepoint to manage workflows, store data and organise bookings. It has been a real collaborative effort, but Kevin and Ryan hasContinue reading “Sharepoint update – interactive unit plans”

Getting started with Microsoft Classroom

When I first heard that Microsoft was bringing a ‘classroom’ option to the Office 365 suite of educational software, I was a mixture of excited to see what it looked like and worried it would be just another add on. I had also had a play with the teacher dashboard which was nice but aContinue reading “Getting started with Microsoft Classroom”

Office 365 as a learning management system update

Late last year I wrote a blog about how we were planning to use SharePoint and the office 365 environment as an LMS and as a ‘T drive replacement’. After 2 terms, I have been thinking about what different teachers are doing with their classes or with their departments and how things are fitting together. ItContinue reading “Office 365 as a learning management system update”

Sharepoint update – almost ready to be the LMS

So, after a big effort over 2 terms we are nearly reading to roll out SharePoint sites for staff next year. The Student learning management system side still needs a few more tweaks as departments decide how they will be running certain tasks. For example, the English department needs to be able to track changesContinue reading “Sharepoint update – almost ready to be the LMS”

Searching through folders – Sharepoint continued

We have continued to make some excellent progress on the SharePoint front, with several departments having got a wide variety of pages, subsites, document libraries and resources available for their staff to use. We are on track to have SharePoint as out learning management system for next year. As the staff have gotten more confident they haveContinue reading “Searching through folders – Sharepoint continued”

Sharepoint update – Racing ahead

Just over a week ago I briefed the curriculum directors at my school about Sharepoint Sites and the plans we have outlined to use Sharepoint for our document sharing and storage. I set up a subsite for each curriculum area and asked them to talk about it with their curriculum areas, with a focus onContinue reading “Sharepoint update – Racing ahead”

Progress update – Sharepoint

As part of my role, I have been heavily involved with the implementation of Microsoft 365 SharePoint sites at my school. This is looking to overtake Ultranet as our Learning Management System (LMS) next year. After attending a workshop run by Darrel Webster in term 1, I was feeling a bit frustrated about our lackContinue reading “Progress update – Sharepoint”

Step 1) get excited and learn heaps of new stuff. Step 2) crash back to reality

Today I was fortunate enough to attend a sharepoint training session. I went with high expectations around wanting to learn how to get our 365 sites up and running, how to get some sharepoint document libraries working and of course to meet some people I had previously connected with in the virtual world face to face.Continue reading “Step 1) get excited and learn heaps of new stuff. Step 2) crash back to reality”