Revision tools

Today in my yr 10 class we are doing some revision for an upcoming summative assessment on Monday. We still do paper tests… sigh. But practice makes perfect right 🙂 So as a class we were talking about some different ways we can do revision, and I think we came up with some pretty goodContinue reading “Revision tools”

Using Microsoft Office Mix

It is nearing NCEA exam time in my world. And so I have been busy making exam question walk through using Microsoft Office Mix and the snip tool on my surface pro 4. Office Mix is a super handy add in for powerpoint that lets you make video tutorials with ease. The surface stylus just makes writingContinue reading “Using Microsoft Office Mix”

The SNA apocalypse….

This time of year tends to be super angsty. Stress of exams, marking exams, writing reports about exams, exams, EXAMS, EXAMS. It is really easy to get caught up in it, and certainly before exams I was spiralling into a sort of bitter education is soooo broken and I am doing nothing to fix itContinue reading “The SNA apocalypse….”

A new topic is like clean sheets…. HEAVEN

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE clean sheets. That laundry powder smell, crisp smooth feeling, snuggly pillow cases. HMMMMMMMmmmmmm. Sadly, I am not a domestic goodness, nor do I know what the publicly acceptable sheet changing ratio is, but for me clean sheets in a Sunday night ritual. Fresh starts and all that.Continue reading “A new topic is like clean sheets…. HEAVEN”

Blogging Challenge – How can I use NCEA better?

So, I am being cheeky and using this post to tick ALL 3 boxes of the blogging challenge. Does this mean I get credit for all 3???? Credit farming breaks my heart. It actually makes a little piece of my happy teacher persona die. Unlike fairies, no amount of clapping will bring it back. BecauseContinue reading “Blogging Challenge – How can I use NCEA better?”