Reading other blogs

This blog is inspired by Keith’s blogĀ on his thoughts about other blogs he had been reading. It challenged me to think about my own post and also gave me ‘warm fuzzies’ that my thoughts are contributing to greater conversations. So I thought I would write some responses to some blog posts that have made meContinue reading “Reading other blogs”

#EDBLOGNZ Challenge – inspiration

So, I’m not sure how to keep this post from being all gushy. And it is impossible to limit it to 3 weeks. Or 3 people for that matter. Sorry Nathaniel and the blogging challenge team. I’m breaking the ‘rules’ and not doing the set assessment task. Again. But over the last 18 months sinceContinue reading “#EDBLOGNZ Challenge – inspiration”

Edblog Challenge – Looking back

This post about how #scichatNZ started out for me was a no-brainer for me to go back to and revisit for the blog challenge. Especially in light of some thoughts bouncing around after Ulearn about twitter being ‘elite’ and an ‘echo chamber’ In my original post, I reflected on how valuable twitter had been forContinue reading “Edblog Challenge – Looking back”

Blogging challenge – resources

I am really loving the blogging challenge. It is stretching some brain muscles in a super good way. While I blog for myself anyway, it has been really good to have some leading questions to get me thinking about other aspects of my teaching and learning practice. For today, that is a resource I haveContinue reading “Blogging challenge – resources”

Blogging Challenge – How can I use NCEA better?

So, I am being cheeky and using this post to tick ALL 3 boxes of the blogging challenge. Does this mean I get credit for all 3???? Credit farming breaks my heart. It actually makes a little piece of my happy teacher persona die. Unlike fairies, no amount of clapping will bring it back. BecauseContinue reading “Blogging Challenge – How can I use NCEA better?”

Blogging challenge – evolving teaching practice – Telling stories

Something I have become acutely aware of this year is the power of telling stories. I had a huge focus earlier on in my teaching (I have only been teaching for 6 years, so in some terms I am probably still finding my feet in teacher years……) about removing myself from the front of theContinue reading “Blogging challenge – evolving teaching practice – Telling stories”