A new topic is like clean sheets…. HEAVEN

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE clean sheets. That laundry powder smell, crisp smooth feeling, snuggly pillow cases. HMMMMMMMmmmmmm. Sadly, I am not a domestic goodness, nor do I know what the publicly acceptable sheet changing ratio is, but for me clean sheets in a Sunday night ritual. Fresh starts and all that.Continue reading “A new topic is like clean sheets…. HEAVEN”

My thoughts on leadership

For the last year or so I have been trying to build a picture in my head of what leadership looks like for me. I’ve done some readings, listened to some amazing speakers, bounced ideas of amazing leaders and educators and watched some youtube clips and TED talks. They all were great, but still didn’tContinue reading “My thoughts on leadership”

Money money everywhere and not a drop to spend

This post is part of my NAPP reflection on school funding and the role of the Principal and Board of Trustee’s in allocating those funds. The starting question was How do principals with their BOT lead the management, monitoring and reviewing of school resourcing to ensure the schools priorities are met?   School funding isContinue reading “Money money everywhere and not a drop to spend”

Reading other blogs

This blog is inspired by Keith’s blogĀ on his thoughts about other blogs he had been reading. It challenged me to think about my own post and also gave me ‘warm fuzzies’ that my thoughts are contributing to greater conversations. So I thought I would write some responses to some blog posts that have made meContinue reading “Reading other blogs”

Reflections from the PPTA ICT meeting

I was very thankful to be invited to the PPTA ICT committee meeting last Friday. It was a REALLY worthwhile trip and I enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks must got to the PPTA (and hence every PPTA member) who paid for my flights etc so I could attend the meeting. Also a huge thanks toContinue reading “Reflections from the PPTA ICT meeting”

Do students need to be TAUGHT?

My L1 Science class has just finished up their Mechanics Unit. To try and gently shift this class into being more independent, I used a OneNote I had prepared for my class for revision last year as the main source of information. There were lots of relevant notes, videos, office mix walk throughs of oldContinue reading “Do students need to be TAUGHT?”

Dunedin Maker Party

After a fairly tough week, it was a massive effort to get up this morning and head to the Dunedin Maker party hosted by Hive Dunedin at Port Chalmers School. But I am soooo glad I did. It was an amazing day – mostly because I didn’t really have a set job so just gotContinue reading “Dunedin Maker Party”