How can we get schools and teachers to share?

I have been reading ‘Vital Connections’ – why we need more than self managing schools as part of my professional reading for NAPP. As a relative NOOB to teaching (my first year teaching was in 2010, and my last year of secondary school was 1999) it has given me a much better understanding of whyContinue reading “How can we get schools and teachers to share?”

On relief teachers and class room culture…

I remember vividly a lecturer at T col (which was 6 and a bit years ago – eep) saying  something along the lines of ‘you will know if you students are working because they want to work or if they are working because you are making them depending on how they go with a reliever’Continue reading “On relief teachers and class room culture…”


This year, and hopefully from here on in, I am a learner formally known as a teacher. @michaeltarry @TheOrganist @ThomasHaig @Cherie59789095 I am a learner- and a geek who can't quite believe this is how she spends Sat night — Rachel Chisnall (@ibpossum) February 13, 2016 I don’t teach Chemistry or Science, I help peopleContinue reading “Learning”

Why Science???

I saw this tweet from Danielle the other night. Any #scichat #scichatNZ tweeps planned a science curriculum explicitly thinking about conceptual, procedural and epistemic knowledge? — Danielle Myburgh (@MissDtheTeacher) January 25, 2016 Which got me thinking (and googling some definitions…..). Epistemic – relates to knowledge. What is knowledge? How to we know? How do weContinue reading “Why Science???”

Values and boundaries

This post is a bit ‘venty’ but I’ve got lots kicking around in my head. In the last couple of months I have been thinking about my ‘values’ as a teacher. More specifically, how do I align my ‘personal’ values from my ‘professional’ ones, the values of my school and the ‘expectation’ around what IContinue reading “Values and boundaries”

Step 1) get excited and learn heaps of new stuff. Step 2) crash back to reality

Today I was fortunate enough to attend a sharepoint training session. I went with high expectations around wanting to learn how to get our 365 sites up and running, how to get some sharepoint document libraries working and of course to meet some people I had previously connected with in the virtual world face to face.Continue reading “Step 1) get excited and learn heaps of new stuff. Step 2) crash back to reality”

Moving beyond the posters

The beginning of the year always takes me slightly by surprise. There is a lovely calm of prepping classes, touching base with colleagues, course approval, working through class roles, looking over the NCEA reports and thinking about what you can do better, teacher only day information dump …… Really, it isn’t that calm and thereContinue reading “Moving beyond the posters”

Times – they are a changing – slowly but surely…

Since last writing a blog an enormous number of positive changes have occurred and I am again excited about the way teaching and learning is moving forward for my school. I have had lots of excellent questions about using 365 for collaboration between students and staff, staff have started making OneNote documents and a fewContinue reading “Times – they are a changing – slowly but surely…”