Does experience limit creativity? What a coffee cup did….

I had an interesting conversation with the better half last night. I was bemoaning marking and standardised testing, pondering why we do junior exams at all and generally ranting that my time (and the students time) would be much better spent doing real, relevant stuff rather the exams. Or watching the cricket on TV (althoughContinue reading “Does experience limit creativity? What a coffee cup did….”

Goodbye post conference blues

Last week was a bit of a toughy. Coming back from ulearn and Microsoft Innovative educators on a massive high and I  came crashing back to earth the very first lesson back when the cows crashed, the internet was SO SO SLOW and I was desperate to share everything I had learned all at once –Continue reading “Goodbye post conference blues”

End of term – where did it go? Oh that’s right, reports.

So, I am a bit embarassed that I didn’t blog for over a month. But things just got crazy there for a while. This term seemed to be all about reports. I hate reports. I don’t mind writing comments – I spend time on them and do my best to make them individual and specific.Continue reading “End of term – where did it go? Oh that’s right, reports.”