End of term III

Wow. Term 3 came and went in a big rush.

But I am pretty pleased with how it panned out, especially the blogging of my lessons. I managed a post for each lesson of the life processes internal we are doing at yr 11, and started to work on the videos for my year 12 class – once I figured out to convert a PowerPoint pres to a video you need to record the soundtrack seperately but while you are doing the slides so the sounds match up. Then it is as easy as clicking a button and uploading to youtube.

So progress on that front.

Next term will be the usual rush of revision, which hopefully the blogs will help with, and then I am going to turn my focus onto the junior classes, especially yr 10 as I have two of them. Hoping to have a crack with Onesite if we can finally get access, but at least making a ‘virtual book’ type thing with Onenote. It might turn out the blogging was the better of the two, in which case I will stick with that.

I have found Weebly pretty good though… easy to use, and it looks nice without too much effort. The biggest factor in ease of use is having my phone and laptop synced with dropbox, so any photos I take are instantly on my laptop, and easy to slot into the blog.

Happy holidays everyone

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