My thoughts on leadership

For the last year or so I have been trying to build a picture in my head of what leadership looks like for me. I’ve done some readings, listened to some amazing speakers, bounced ideas of amazing leaders and educators and watched some youtube clips and TED talks. They all were great, but still didn’tContinue reading “My thoughts on leadership”

Money money everywhere and not a drop to spend

This post is part of my NAPP reflection on school funding and the role of the Principal and Board of Trustee’s in allocating those funds. The starting question was How do principals with their BOT lead the management, monitoring and reviewing of school resourcing to ensure the schools priorities are met?   School funding isContinue reading “Money money everywhere and not a drop to spend”

Reflections from NAPP PLG 2

Being very honest, I have not done nearly enough for NAPP since the Hui in the holidays. There have been so many other things to do (Oh my goodness ALL the things) that it just kept getting put into the next week pile. EVERY WEEK. When the PLG day rolled around, my first thought wasContinue reading “Reflections from NAPP PLG 2”

Reflections from NAPP HUI

A week ago I attended the NAPP hui as part of the national aspiring principals program. It was an amazing few days that have really challenged my thinking and what I am trying to achieve as an educator. Finding the WHY was the theme that reoccurred for me over the 2 days. For me, theContinue reading “Reflections from NAPP HUI”

Fly away…. as long as you come back some day

I have this super awesome song from fly my pretties on repeat in my head. It has got wedged in my head with the news that not one, not two but three (THREE) people I have a lot of time for are leaving New Zealand classrooms for ‘brighter shores’. All have told me in theContinue reading “Fly away…. as long as you come back some day”

Equity, Equality, Results and Comparisons…

At the NAPP secondary day, we were shown this picture image sourced from HEREĀ (Office of Health Equity, Maine) The image was in context of build collaboration and sharing between schools and being very aware of the language we are using. For example, you are not building collaboration if you ‘offer to help’ primary schools withContinue reading “Equity, Equality, Results and Comparisons…”

How can we get schools and teachers to share?

I have been reading ‘Vital Connections’ – why we need more than self managing schools as part of my professional reading for NAPP. As a relative NOOB to teaching (my first year teaching was in 2010, and my last year of secondary school was 1999) it has given me a much better understanding of whyContinue reading “How can we get schools and teachers to share?”

Who are all these ‘councils’?

As part of my NAPP readings, I have been given a copy of the ‘School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying What Works and Why’ document. You can access it HERE if you like. While I am sure the information contained within is superb, I have yet to get passed the forwards. Because there are forwardsContinue reading “Who are all these ‘councils’?”

How will I set about expanding my capacity to learn?

This question was put forward as part of the NAPP 2016 program…. I am doing NAPP not because I want to be a Principal (I think it would suck to spend so much time out of the class room) but because I want to have a better understanding of how schools work. And with that,Continue reading “How will I set about expanding my capacity to learn?”