This year, and hopefully from here on in, I am a learner formally known as a teacher.

I don’t teach Chemistry or Science, I help people learn about Chemistry and Science and all sort of things, and I also learn from them. I want to learn how to help them better. I want to learn how to help my colleagues better, and learn from them how to do this. I have signed up for some courses to help me think about this. I am doing some reading and when I can, engaging in conversations around learning and leading.

Tonight I learned about bureaucracy and due process. From a frank but provoking twitter conversation about how to implement change. I learned that to change a system, you do need to be participating in that system. Most importantly, I learned that people are willing to help you, but you still need to learn their ways of doing things and find the right words.

Change is hard. Sure, it is certainly harder for some than others. The more change you want, it takes more effort to shift it. I want to change how parts of NZ education think about ‘e-learning’.

I think the current approach to ‘e-learning’ (especially for teachers – and teacher devices) is outdated and damaging. We need more support for ‘teachers’, in regards to professional learning opportunities, device selection, learning spaces and development of the skills we are trying to embed in out students. How can students learn how to collaborate when the ‘teacher’ isn’t….

So, I think we need to change. I am changing what I can, starting with how I see myself. I am a learner who is always looking to learn about better ways to do things.

Hopefully, what I have learn tonight will help others. But if it doesn’t, I have still learned something I didn’t know. I have learned about myself and others. About processes and policies. I am sure I will learn more about these too…



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