Playing around with Sway

If you haven’t had a look at Sway yet, I really suggest you do. It came online as part of our schools 365 software about 6 weeks ago, although I had been using it off and on for about a year. It is a flexible presentation medium that allows for a wide range of images,Continue reading “Playing around with Sway”

Presenting to #teachmeetNZ – Being Brave

A big part of my focus after attending the E2 educator exchange was being courageous and brave. I blogged about this in an earlier post that you can read here. So when I spotted an opening to present at #teachmeetNZ I jumped in. I was going to talk about building collaboration when the ever amazingContinue reading “Presenting to #teachmeetNZ – Being Brave”

BioliveChemEd reflections

Last week I was in Wellington for BioliveChemED. And it was rad. Amazingly awesome – although I was really tired going in so I did struggle a little with the motivation aspect. I started writing this post wanting to think about my highlights. But reading through my notes, there were so many good sessions andContinue reading “BioliveChemEd reflections”

Reflections from EducampTimaru

Lately I have been feeling a bit under the weather with reports and assessments. So I thought it would be well worth the drive to Timaru for the Educamp there – especially as the lovely Anne was going to, so I could hitch a ride. If you are new to the educamp idea, they areContinue reading “Reflections from EducampTimaru”

appraisals – call me crazy, but I like them

I saw this tweet from Andrew Murray today Which has got me thinking – I normally hear ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. I like this better though. There are some things I am good at, some things I am working on and some things I acknowledge I am rubbish at (like proof readingContinue reading “appraisals – call me crazy, but I like them”

Take home messages from E2

I’ve already done a post which was the basic run through of my week, so this post is more about the thoughts and ideas I have bought back – and how I hope they will impact on my teaching and learning programs, as well as how I can share them with other educators. The biggestContinue reading “Take home messages from E2”

Reflections from empowering e-learning – Timaru

In the holidays (yip, I am very behind on the blog) I made the trip up to Timaru for an empowering e-learning day hosted by cyclone computers (which meant the AMAZING Arnika MacPhail was involved) Sunrise on the way up – almost worth being up at 5:30 am for I went to 3 sessions andContinue reading “Reflections from empowering e-learning – Timaru”

#TeachmeetNZ meets Science – Awesome happened

A couple of weeks ago I get an e-mail from Cath at the Science learning hub asking me if I wanted to be involved in a Science #teachmeetNZ. I hadn’t participated in an online teachmeet before, but was keen to help out in anyway I could, and I love working with Cath, so of courseContinue reading “#TeachmeetNZ meets Science – Awesome happened”

Step 1) get excited and learn heaps of new stuff. Step 2) crash back to reality

Today I was fortunate enough to attend a sharepoint training session. I went with high expectations around wanting to learn how to get our 365 sites up and running, how to get some sharepoint document libraries working and of course to meet some people I had previously connected with in the virtual world face to face.Continue reading “Step 1) get excited and learn heaps of new stuff. Step 2) crash back to reality”

Goodbye post conference blues

Last week was a bit of a toughy. Coming back from ulearn and Microsoft Innovative educators on a massive high and I  came crashing back to earth the very first lesson back when the cows crashed, the internet was SO SO SLOW and I was desperate to share everything I had learned all at once –Continue reading “Goodbye post conference blues”