Reflections from empowering e-learning – Timaru

In the holidays (yip, I am very behind on the blog) I made the trip up to Timaru for an empowering e-learning day hosted by cyclone computers (which meant the AMAZING Arnika MacPhail was involved)

2015-04-16 07.13.33

Sunrise on the way up – almost worth being up at 5:30 am for

I went to 3 sessions and sat the 4th out to chat with Keryn. Her school is much further along with sites, and it was good to be able to pick her brain about how they are using them, how to store, share and secure the docs (woohoo for high trust models) and to talk through some issues they have had and the solutions they came round to.

Other sessions included using OneNote, which some of our school are really starting to take off with, OneNote Class book creator (which we have finally got up and running:-) ) and sharepoint. All good solid practical advise from people using them in their classrooms. We are still working towards a template for the site set up for our school – but it is getting closer. It is time now for some conversations around how we want it to look and work for us.

My colleague went to a session on weebly and was so excited he set one up when he got home that night. He is going great guns.

So it was well worth the trip up to Timaru – even just to catch up with Keryn and Arnika – but mostly to see some real applications of the technology that people are using rather than the flashy shows the ‘pros’ can sometimes put on. I still haven’t actioned my what nexts from that day – but they are still on the to do list

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