Goodbye post conference blues

Last week was a bit of a toughy. Coming back from ulearn and Microsoft Innovative educators on a massive high and I  came crashing back to earth the very first lesson back when the cows crashed, the internet was SO SO SLOW and I was desperate to share everything I had learned all at once –Continue reading “Goodbye post conference blues”

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Experience

I applied for the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program thinking you have to be in to win. I didn’t fit all the criteria as I have only been working with microsoft 365 for this year, and even quietly kept my mac in my laptop bag (getting a new microsoft surface pro was a great perk).Continue reading “Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Experience”

ulearn musings 1- finding my path by looking back

So, it is day 2 of Ulearn, and we have been given some time. Time is so precious, and I always struggle to use it wisely. Or I get so caught up in tomorrow I forget about today, or last year, or even before that. One of my favourite poems is about time Time outContinue reading “ulearn musings 1- finding my path by looking back”

Making videos – getting braver but still not brave enough

So, a friend is going great guns with show me, a very cool app, that is for ipad. Which means it is of no use to me. But I had a play with powerpoint, and it turns out it is pretty simple to make a pretty good wee video using power point, and whats more,Continue reading “Making videos – getting braver but still not brave enough”