Down the rabbit hole

this is my first post as I try and walk the walk and post my journey in a new school helping to design and then implement BYOD policy.

So – this is my first prezi – trying to sum up where I am at, my hopes and fears, and unaswered questions. And I really liked prezi for sorting my own thoughts, but it still hasn’t won me over as a presentation tool – perhaps I just need more practice. Or to use it on a tablet rather than a laptop

I’m also trying to use twitter much more effectively, as there are so many talented awesome people on their that are so willing to help, it is just awesome

And as I write this, I’m sitting in the car with my sleeping son in the back seat, I have down a lot of car marking and planning in the 18 months since he arrived. While I sometimes hate how wireless and technology means that it is harder to escape from work, it does make it easy to do the work when it suits you. This way, when he wakes up, I can have fun with him. This is my ultimate challenge, some wort of work life balance and spending time with my little boy and the big boy.

Wish me luck

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