Reflections from the PPTA ICT meeting

I was very thankful to be invited to the PPTA ICT committee meeting last Friday. It was a REALLY worthwhile trip and I enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks must got to the PPTA (and hence every PPTA member) who paid for my flights etc so I could attend the meeting. Also a huge thanks toContinue reading “Reflections from the PPTA ICT meeting”

Do students need to be TAUGHT?

My L1 Science class has just finished up their Mechanics Unit. To try and gently shift this class into being more independent, I used a OneNote I had prepared for my class for revision last year as the main source of information. There were lots of relevant notes, videos, office mix walk throughs of oldContinue reading “Do students need to be TAUGHT?”

Purposeful play

Lately I have been thinking about how to describe my ‘classroom practice’ that has a positive impact on my students – for an interview/article if you are interested in why I would think about such things so explicitly. It has also been appraisal docs time, and report writing time, and at the moment I justContinue reading “Purposeful play”

Letting it go…… with Yr 10 Staying Alive

I LOVE year 10 Science. There is more freedom (still have to do standard tests/assessments that all the other classes are doing and have the exams at the end of the year but there doesn’t seem to be the same pressure….) ¬†and you can take a little bit of extra time to get to whereContinue reading “Letting it go…… with Yr 10 Staying Alive”

Post boxes – learning together

Yesterday I did a post box activity with my Yr 10 class to start our genetics topic. We spent about half the class making the letter boxes, the girls made theirs pretty and the boys made theirs with as much tape as was humanly possible. Our first use was to vote on a movie withContinue reading “Post boxes – learning together”

Competencies over content

I have been thinking and hearing a lot about competencies lately. Today, a cardboard box made it ‘click’ for me about what this means for my teaching and learning programs, and I am thankful I had probably been focussing a lot on competencies without even realising it. But now I have been doing more readingContinue reading “Competencies over content”