TELA, or not to TELA?

This post was originally published in the May edition on the PPTA News magazine. If you are interested, there are some updates and other concerns at the bottom of the post. I would love any thoughts or feedback. I am most seriously displeased…. With the TELA laptop scheme. It is a fact universal acknowledged thatContinue reading “TELA, or not to TELA?”

Moving on up with OneNote

Last year I meet with some members of my department and the social sciences department about using OneNote for their classes. I had been playing around with Microsoft OneNote for my junior classes and had found it user friendly, versatile and really useful for getting different types of information across. You can easily embed wordContinue reading “Moving on up with OneNote”

Testing the HP stream as a wondows 8 capable portable device

The lease runs out on over 300 devices at my school next year which means we are currently shopping for replacements. We currently have an HP stream on loan from Cyclone computers to see if it would suit our requirements. The HP stream is a windows 8 alternative to the chromebook in terms of price pointContinue reading “Testing the HP stream as a wondows 8 capable portable device”