Take home messages from E2

I’ve already done a post which was the basic run through of my week, so this post is more about the thoughts and ideas I have bought back – and how I hope they will impact on my teaching and learning programs, as well as how I can share them with other educators. The biggestContinue reading “Take home messages from E2”

A run through of my experience at the Microsoft Global Educator exchange

So, it is going to take more than one post to work my way through all my thoughts from this amazing experience, so I thought I would do a basic walk through of what we did each day to try and get my thoughts in order Getting there It was agonizing to watch everyone leavingContinue reading “A run through of my experience at the Microsoft Global Educator exchange”

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Experience

I applied for the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program thinking you have to be in to win. I didn’t fit all the criteria as I have only been working with microsoft 365 for this year, and even quietly kept my mac in my laptop bag (getting a new microsoft surface pro was a great perk).Continue reading “Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Experience”