Making GIFs in Microsoft PowerPoint

A quick little post about something I did for the #teachingwithsurface competition NZ was running – a ridiculous simple was to use Microsoft PowerPoint to make customisable GIFS for revision or for using in presentations to get key ideas across quickly. For some key ideas, a GIF is a really efficient way to get the idea across in a simple ways, and they GIFs can be embedded into a variety of digital tools, including teams chats and feeds, Onenote, and PowerPoint. I originally used a few online GIF maker (Giphy has a good one, so is GIFPAL) after doing the images in PowerPoint or Onenote, but then I realised that PowerPoint had a built in export to GIF function right there!! Why was I making more work for myself!!

All you need to do is make a succession of slides

Then export, and then you have your GIF

Today my students made some, and while they don’t all have devices with inking capacity, they were able to draw out some molecules and show the process. A nice end of term with tired brains activity for sure.

Have fun

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