Why blog?

To put it out there, I HATE flying. Hate hate hate it. But today, it is a great chance to be forced to be still and think about why I am writing this.

I am trying to work out why I blog

I got called out over an inconsistency over the weekend. I’m glad I did – and glad I have some great friends. When I started blogging properly (just over 2 years ago) the aim was purely to keep track of my thoughts moving to a new school. I was enjoying reading other people’s reflections and there was an element of keeping up with the Jones’!! I still do blog for myself, but I have moved up to wanting to start generating some discussion and feedback. Sometimes I do a mixture of post, some for me, some for sharing, some for hey, this is cool, check this out world. (it was suggested I do two sections to distinguish…. But on thinking about it I’d rather have everything out there.) By sharing, it makes me feel more accountable for what I write and in turn process my ideas more clearly. (I still can’t proof read for any money though…)

I also do love that people read what I write – even though I was a tad uncomfortable the first time a student I teach told me they had read my blog. (It has made me think even more carefully about what I am writing) I’ll admit I do like looking at the stats and seeing where in the world people are reading about what I do. If some-one makes a comment, it is kind of like Christmas – especially if the comment makes me think!! Or if it is some-one asking for more info, or saying hey I use this do, have you considered this?

I also make an effort to set aside an hour every 2 weeks to reading other blogs (I try and make it more, but sometimes is just doesn’t happen). The #edblogNZ page is great for this 🙂

I will definitely change my language around how I talk about my blog – instead of just saying I write for myself I am going to change it to – I write for myself and would LOVE feedback or your thoughts on what I do. How do I encourage others to blog without telling them they MUST BLOG and be like me?? I guess what I am trying to work around is how to do I say ‘check out my blog please’ without making it sound like ‘my blog is awesome, I’m awesome, be like me’. To me, even saying, I’d love your thoughts on my thinking on topic x, please re my blog post on it sounds like self promotion.

Is this a bad thing? If I’m not putting it out there, I won’t get any feedback at all…. Hmmm. Maybe I need to change it too ‘what you are doing is awesome – have you considered sharing it by blogging?’

And in turn maybe I need to be giving more feedback on those blogs I keep reading so I am fully contributing to the conversations being had. Make sure I am reciprocating.

I recently wrote that I blog because I want to contribute to conversations that matter. I guess this was a timely reminder to listen as well as speak.



One thought on “Why blog?

  1. 🙂
    reading this, I am reminded of a conversation we have had – around “if we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we’ve always gotten” or something like that… Q. are you teaching the same way you were two years ago? If the answer is yes. sweet as, don’t keep reading… if the answer is no, that your teaching practice has changed, then is it going to be surprising that the reason you blog/reflect on what is going on with your teaching and learning has also changed?
    It’s all good – just own it!!! And keep encouraging the sharing and the commentary – how else will you get annoying people asking you annoying questions??? 🙂

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