A Sneak preview of #minechem

All of the work here is from Dave Warren and his son Angus. I think it is seriously awesome and have been having a wee play with some of the mods myself.

Also, I can’t say enough how awesome Dave (and Angus) are for sharing all of this with me and my class. We are just getting servers etc set up so we can share it with everybody, but there is a list of all the mods used at the bottom of this post if you want to have a go at setting up something similar yourself. And a big ups to all the people that made the mods too – sorry I am not sure who you are to acknowledge you.

This is the ‘decomposer’ that can break down rocks into there raw materials.

This is a tour of the world Dave and Angus created

And this is the treasure chest of goodies you can break into bits 🙂

Our next steps for this are

  1. to get this set up on a server so we can share it. To this end, Ben (a yr 10 student) has been working hard all weekend to learn how to get this to work, our trial run yesterday was super)
  2. To get some coding done and see if we can make some ionic compounds with the molecules we can break up. You would have seen you can get your sulfate ions in the decomposer videos, it would be awesome if we can use this so students can see the stoichiometry of these molecules more clearly and therefore have a way to assist students to learning ionic formula 🙂 So Dave is coming back to school in thursday with a PhD student who can do some Java and we will look into this then

Thanks again to Dave and Angus for letting me share this and test this, my students and I am loving it 🙂

If you are interested, here is the list of mods used in the set up

#minechem mods








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