Changing embed sizes for #OfficeMix and learning about the #Sharepoint store

At the end of last year, I blogged about the progress we are making with SharePoint as our LMS but also how I was having some sizing issues with the office mix clips I was trying to embed into the Chemistry SharePoint site. Some other NZ MIEE’s (love your work Nikkie and Ruby) got in touch via twitter and last week we had an impromptu skype date to talk about where we are up to with SharePoint and plans for this year. And, of course cause these guys are AWESOME, I got some super helpful tips. It really has been the best thing about the Microsoft innovative educator expert program, meeting some awesome people, making some great connections and learning from each other.

I am a tad embarrassed I didn’t know about them before – always learning I guess, and by blogging them I won’t forget and hopefully help some-one else who didn’t know either 🙂

  1. resizing embed codes is SO EASY

All you need to do is change the code. I started with the small sized embed code from OfficeMix…

change size

As an aside, how nice is the inking function right there in the snip tool

every embed code has a size – either as a percentage or pixels or inches or whatever. You just need to change it


And you can see, the resulting Mix is small enough that I could fit them side by side, but still plays straight from the SharePoint site, and you can make it bigger. So I am going to play around and get the sizes right so it looks pretty 🙂

Thanks heaps to Nikkie for this tip

2) There is a SharePoint store

Ruby was showing us her AWESOME site, and it had a really cool banner on it. I was all jealous, and asked her how to get it, and found out about the SharePoint store. I’m not quite sure how I missed this… but now that I have found it I’m having some great fun looking through the apps available


So my next goal is to get a banner like Ruby’s up and running…..
So two simple things that might make setting up some SharePoint sites a little easier.
Thanks heaps for your help Nikkie and Ruby – till next time.

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