Paper clippings

I was a little mystified a few weeks ago when a cut out of a newspaper article appeared in my pigeon hole.

2015-10-20 08.24.06

But also stoked, it was a really cool article and what isn’t there to love about NanoGirl. There have been a few others pop in from time to time too

2015-10-20 08.23.53 2015-10-20 08.24.23

I found out (by stealth) who had been putting them in there – his comment was ‘well, who else reads the Herald’. I really do appreciate the articles though.

It got me thinking about connections (it is connected educators month after all). If I had read these, it would have been online. I would have tweeted out the link, and maybe tagged some-one if I thought it might be of special interest to them. But it takes more effort to neatly cut out these articles, remember to bring them to school, across to the staff room and then pop them into my pigeon hole.

So this was a wee wake up call of sorts. I always value face to face interacts over digital ones, you just can’t compare them. Skype sessions/GHO’s/webinars are awesome alternatives. Conversations via e-mail or twitter or facebook can provide valuable ideas, reflections and support.

But this was a timely reminder that my colleagues are still connected and connecting. Tech can be a vessel, but don’t discount the paper clippings and the though process and effort behind them.

It also reminded me of a saying my supervisor at Uni had on his door

‘Always remember the value of things, not their price’

So I am sending a massive thank you to Alister (I also did this in person) for putting those articles in my pigeon hole. I value them immensely.

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