Exploring Office Mix – some awesome features

During my trip to Seattle for the Microsoft Global Educators Exchange, I got the opportunity to explore some of the features of Office Mix. Part of this was filming a Quick Tip video on how to embed PHeT animations into an Office Mix presentation, and then I attended a flipped classroom session where more Microsoft software that can help, including how Office Mix can help. Steve Martin from Howick College showed an exceptional Mix that one of his staff had made – featuring him with a gopro at the gym to talk about heart rates. So I am going to have to up my game. Hopefully some of these features will help me get my Mix ON.

Embedding PhET Animations

Embedding a PhET in an office Mix is really straight forward, and takes about 4 clicks (although one is a slightly annoying ‘trust it’ click). To do this, you simply go to the mix tab, select insert quizzes, videos and app, chose PhET animations, trust it, then chose the animation/simulation you want. Simple as that


 Embedding a screen recording

It is really simple to put a screen recording into your Office mix – just click the link, and it will take you straight to where you want to record – with audio options. It is really easy screen capture. Then it automatically embeds straight into the Office Mix


Live Web Page

All you need to do is go to the quizzes videos apps, select live web viewer, and you a ready to roll. The web page you are using does need to be able to use https/ must be a secure site to work – so some sites might not work in this format – but it is still a handy way to direct students to particular sites – maybe to start a research project – or get them to complete a particular activity online without leaving the rest of the lesson.


So a tool I am already enjoying using just got a whole lot more useful, and I am really looking forward to exploring these other options.

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