Who am I?

Who am I? I am not Jean ValJean, although I do love Les Mis (the musical rather than the movie, and I read the book but agree it perhaps loses something in translation.

I am Rachel Chisnall – I used to be Rachel Wilson. I grew up in chch, went to a small catholic school, then Lincoln High and then Hagley for 7th form. Then I came to Dunedin for uni, and haven’t left. I have a masters degree in Microbiology and Immunology (I think vaccines are super) and worked for a year before I realised I really missed all the teaching I did while I was doing postgrad, and so went to Tcol.

I am a Mum to Ollie (a 4 & a half year old delicious young man with the most amazing smile), a wife to Al (who is selectively deaf during sports news) and a feeder of Gatsby the cat. These 3 boys are very important in my life.

To people at my current school, I am a ‘teacher’ of Chemistry and Science who is a bit nerdy and possibly a bit crazy due to my love of IT and Polyanna attitude. I moved from a decile 10 integrated girls school with a snazy 1:1 program to a decile 6 state school without a BYOD policy. Which is where this blog comes in, I am hoping to document my journey through helping to implement a policy for the school and comment on what I find useful, awful and everything in between. And possibly my learning experience teaching boys (4 years teaching girls did not prepare me for a co-ed class), parenting and other challenges life throws my way. I am wanting to learn more about what I do and how to do it better, and this blog will document some of that.

Along with Matt Nicoll and Chhaya Narayan, I helped to set up #scichatNZ, a twice weekly twitter chat for Science educators which has developed into an amazing source of inspiration and learning for me. I am honoured to be a Microsoft innovative Educator Fellow and am part of the Microsoft Innovative Educator program and a Microsfot surface expert. I am also involved with Hands on at Otago at the University of Otago and love that week of serious fun.

To my friends I am obnoxious, a good cook, and honest to a fault (I think most of my friends would say something like this) And competitive, especially on the football field.

You can also find out more about me HERE


Have fun

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