Two very little organisation tips that made my life WAY easier

As part of my contracting work this year, I have been upskilling myself in the google suite of apps for education. It still feels like I am speaking in a second language at times, as I am so much more familiar with the Office 365/Microsoft softwares. One of my biggest challenges was working across different schools, companies, log ins and browsers. But here are two of my top tips (so far……) for trying to keep track of what is where and where is what.

  1. Profiles!!

I am battling at times with so many log ins – my personal (I have two…), different school tenants, different company log ins…. profiles are super helpful. When you are logged into chrome, just clicked your little profile icon in the top right, and add profiles. It makes leaping around accounts so much easier.

Works super well in edge too

The best bit is you get a different image with each profile on your task bar – so you do need to still keep track of which is which, but it is much easier than using ingonito windows and the like. All of your favourites/collections etc follow the profile too.

2. You can personalise your waffle

And it is super easy – especially in chrome. The waffle is also known as the app launcher, it is the little cluster of dots at the top right of a chrome browser (top left of office 365…..)

All you need to do is drag and drop the different apps around, and they will stick there. Win

You can do this in office 365 too, but not with dragging and dropping. You need to click into all apps, and then to the ‘3 dots’ to pin them to the launcher

So there you go, since figuring this out a little bit better, I have been having a much better time keeping track of what work is where and which log in I need to complete it in.

Have fun

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